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Complete Classroom and Get Your Permit in just 2 WEEKS!!

The State of Minnesota requires teens age 14 to 17 years of age to complete 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of behind the wheel training in order to receive a drivers license. 

We offer both Classroom and Behind the Wheel

Classroom is a total of 30 hours, 10 sessions-3 hours each, and can be completed in as short as two weeks.  Classes are daily, at least 12 times per week year around.   We offer a flexible schedule including evenings. Come when it is convenient for you.  This includes Saturday mornings during the school year. Most students attending classroom will have the opportunity to try the Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles. You will also become acquainted with our new State of the Art Driving Simulator (the only one in the state!).  Classroom education must be completed within six months of your enrollment date.  Read further for information regarding receiving your permit.

** After the successful completion of classroom AND the student is enrolled in Behind the Wheel training, the "blue slip" is issued and the  permit test may be taken at one of the DMV exam stations. For a list of locations see your Drivers Manual or click on Metro Area Exam Stations.

Behind the Wheel (in-car) training starts after you have received your permit.  Our driving instructor will conveniently pick you up at your home, work, or school for each of your private 3-two hour lessons.  Lessons progress from the more simple driving tasks to the most complicated tasks.  Areas covered are: general control of the vehicle, driving on side streets, turns, lane changes, parking, freeway driving and downtown driving.

The Driving Exam Prep Lesson
Shortly before your road test it would be a great idea for you to schedule a prep lesson.  For one hour your instructor will lead you through all parts of the state road test as well as practice on any problem areas with you.  You will be comfortable and confident by being familiar with how the road test will be conducted. 

For the nervous first time driver we now offer the use of our State of the Art Simulator.  Become familiar with daily driving situations as well as the difficult and unexpected scenarios while off the road and out of traffic.  Converts from automatic transmission to stick shift.  Convenient, personal one on one training.

The State of Minnesota requires all novice drivers, regardless of age, to hold a permit for a minimum time.
17 and under - 6 months plus a drivers education course

"Dear Barts,
         Thank you for being my Driver's Education instructor. I enjoyed the learning time in the classroom and behind the wheel training. Thank you for your fun and encouraging teaching style. Keep up the good work."
Peter W

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